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Spinney Farm Shop Lincoln

A little on who we are, what we do...

Spinney Farm started way back 25 years ago when we used to care and keep horses, we then went on to grow our ever popular potatoes which then blossomed into the Spinney Farm Shop.


Today we serve the people of Lincoln Lincolnshire and the surrounding areas with quality, home grown and some locally sourced vegetables and fruit. 


Located on Carr Lane B1190 we are only a stone’s throw from Doddington Hall which is full of heritage and history.


Spinney Farm Shop is run by Bridget and staff and all of our home grown vegetables and fruit is grown and cared for by John. We only ever serve top quality vegetables and fruit and this has earned us a very good reputation near and far. If we don’t grow something ourselves then we source the product locally to support the local community.

So what are you waiting for?
Come and say hello and visit our Farm Shop.

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