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The Farm Shop

Serving the people of Lincolnshire and its visitors with delicious home grown and locally sourced vegetables and fruits.

Spinney Farm Shop is run by Bridget and staff and all of our home grown vegetables and fruit is grown and cared by John.


We only ever serve top quality vegetables and fruit and this has earned us a very good reputation close and far. If we don’t grow something ourselves then we source the product locally to support the local community.

Vegetables for Salads

Everything you need for that perfect salad whatever the weather. A salad is a perfect complement to any meal and more importantly is HEALTHY and FRESH.


* Seasonal vegetables available

Our famous and ever so popular Potato's and New Potatoes

You can get your hands on a full or half bag of our potatoes.

* We change our potatoes throughout the year including new potatoes

Logs, Sticks, Hay bales (small) & straw bales

These can all be found at the Spinney Farm Shop

Egg's... gorgeous egg's

We sell both FREERANGE and ORGANIC eggs… (Our customers love our eggs, often the eggs are double yolkers)

We have more available in our Farm Shop...

  • Chutneys (Various)

  • Marmalade & Jams (Various)

  • Honey Locally sourced

  • Parrot seed

  • Budgie seed

  • Ferret food

  • Fish food

  • Wild bird seed

  • Dog biscuits

  • Sunflower hearts

  • Striped sunflower seeds

  • Nyger seed

  • Peanuts

    - Note these are all small bags

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